Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red, White and Blue Party!

Molly and I were so excited to get an order for a Red, White and Blue themed first birthday party!  We LOVED this color combination!

We wanted to make a display that would look fun and cute since it was for a little girl's first birthday party.  

We came up with the design as we shopped.  We found some crate style boxes and decided to paint them red.  Since there is a space between the boards we thought a white stripe would be really cute and reminiscent of the American flag.  We glued construction paper inside the box and were careful not to rip it when we inserted our foam block.  

We didn't have paper that was long enough so to cover the seam we made a paper burst.  Our blue chocolate sprinkles were a brighter color so we tied it in by making the number one in a lighter blue paper.  The round circle is navy and then we made a paper pinwheel.  Don't you love that red dot paper?!

We found the pinwheels when we were shopping which ended up being the perfect touch for this display!  These colors can be a little more masculine and structured so the pinwheels added a touch of playfulness for a little girl's party.

We did have a few problems dealing with the heat and humidity in Kansas City.  When melting chocolate, you cannot get any water in it or it seizes up and gets hard.  There is so much moisture in the air our chocolate stays really thick.  The problem with this is the pops are hard to dip and the chocolate won't drip off which makes it too heavy for the pop.  I used a toothpick to scrape some of the chocolate but that changed the shape of some of the pops.  They weren't perfectly round which drove me a little crazy!

Even with our obstacles these turned out to be one of our favorite displays!

We are working on business cards but made this label for the back of the display.

  As a reminder that we do more than just pops, check out this cute wreath we made!  We will be making more of these in the future with different color schemes as it was a fun project!

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